Manufacturing our Products

Provita Nutrition & Health takes pride in the products we build, whether it’s just a simple multi-vitamin or a complex nutraceutical. Our formulations stem for over a decade of naturopathic experience and passion ensuring the ingredients chosen are of highest quality and purity, while the dosages crafted to take full advantage of the researched synergies amongst ingredients. We are licensed and operate under Health Canada standards. Below is a sneak peek of our processes.

Ingredient Selection

In today’s business landscape, there are many ingredient suppliers and selecting the right one is not an easy task. We have cultivated long-standing relationships with all of our ingredient suppliers. Routine inspections of supplier facilities, processes and quality assurance procedures are part of our procedures. We further conduct random third party laboratory examinations of our ingredients to confirm identity, purity and quality.


Our ingredients and all other raw materials we use are cautiously handled in a controlled environment. Each process in our facilities has been designed to minimize raw material exposure. Dried powdered raw materials are precisely measured and mixed using computerized methods. Because of the variability in natural and organic ingredients, color, texture, and smell may vary from batch to batch. However, the formula remains constant, and quality is always ensured by repeat testing of every single batch produced. Other processing aids we use include cellulose and magnesium stearate mainly used to give body and help the mixture flow into the capsule machines. No artificial flavoring or coloring is ever used.

Encapsulation, Tableting, Liquids and Powders

Our products are offered in several forms, tablets, capsules, powders and liquids. Electronically controlled machines ensure that accurate amounts of mixtures are measured and bounded in gelatin capsules, tablets, liquid vials or bottles. Capsules are filled by weight, not volume – the denser the product, the less you will find per capsule. For powders, we use a volumetric filler for accuracy and consistency.

Facility Sanitation

We pride ourselves in operating and maintaining our premises above and beyond Health Canada standards. We always clean our equipment and facilities (including floors, walls, doors and vents) at the beginning and end of each day. In between production runs, the equipment used is taken apart, cleaned, and sanitized. We use only Health Canada approved cleaning solutions, which are food safe and environmentally friendly. We use isolated production rooms for mixing, encapsulation, packaging and labeling to ensure enhanced cleanliness during manufacturing. Routine meetings between production and quality control are held to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.