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  • Sex plays an important part in life.  That is why Konig Laboratorium ALDORA contains an orthomolecular combination of traditional herbs and amino acids which are known to benefit sexual health in both men and women.


    • Helps support emotional aspects of sexual health.
    • Helps support peripheral blood circulation

    Health Canada NPN: 80059891

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  • Konig Laboratorium Copper with Zinc Balance provides a daily dose of the two minerals which are essential for bodily functions. These minerals help to produce and repair connective tissue, form red blood cells, maintain immune function. Copper also helps in preventing copper deficiency in our bodies and also helps in maintaining overall cardiovascular health.


    • Helps to produce and repair connective tissue
    • Helps to form red blood cells
    • Helps to maintain immune function
    • Helps to prevent copper deficiency
    • Helps to maintain cardiovascular health

    Health Canada NPN: 80044038


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